One of the primary intention of InDe is to move beyond the boundaries of projects and anticipate the future of cities and territories by concentrating applied research on issues such as ecological infrastructure, water systems, disaster management, heritage preservation, etc.

While using new technologies tools, it aims to apply its knowledge to concrete case studies and hence address emerging contemporary needs.

Ecosystem Services as a tool for urbanism, case study of BANGALORE

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BLOG: Hampi Living Heritage: an insight into heritage, development and environment issues

Working in different living heritage sites, especially in the Hampi World Heritage Site for many years, our understanding of heritage includes not only cultural aspects but also natural, spatial and social characteristics that form part of an integrated and inter-related system. The blog triggered by the recent eviction in the Hampi WHS intends to share our experience and understanding of the site and its forces, and most importantly hopes to broaden the discussions with related issues on heritage, planning, development and environment. It intends to serve the purpose to bring awareness, increase debates and maybe initiate some changes.